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“Australian pianist Clemens Leske’s Rachmaninov brought a much-needed shot in the arm. He was completely at home in this concerto- with well-judged and authentic-sounding rubato his interpretation was never over the top or showy. His musicality and pianism make this guy definitely one to watch!”
Hayden Jones, Classical Source, London
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Denis Vaughan Conductor
Royal Festival Hall London, Tuesday, May 17, 2005


“As Clemens Leske rose from the piano to take a bow, the Concert Hall erupted. His performance of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 received no less than five curtain calls and a standing ovation, well-deserved praise for his impassioned and fiery recital.”
Sydney Morning Herald


“His performance of the Grieg Concerto (Sydney Symphony Orchestra) amply confirmed the wunderkind label…… exceptionally fine playing, full of power and resonance, matched with a delicate lyrical touch – a performance that gave a reminder of how good this concerto can be.”

The Australian



“Clemens Leske played Bartok as to the manner born (2nd concerto, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), as calm when pounding great waves of ten-digit chords from one end of the Steinway to the other as he was during the patches of reflection. Such was his magnetism, the whole house held its collective breath…”
The Advertiser


“Tania Leon’s bumptious-angular ‘Ritual’ was played with ferocious precision by the fine young pianist Clemens Leske.”
San Francisco Chronicle


“(Beethoven’s Appassionata sonata) Its power was such that no one had any choice but to be swept up in its emotion and energy. I was astounded by the tonal range he could draw from the instrument…”
The Australian


“He played Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody like he owned it, full of power and control as well as subtlety and humour. It was the kind of performance that leaves the air alive…”
The Advertiser